news! 6/22/11

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news! 6/22/11 Empty news! 6/22/11

Post by Envy on Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:02 am

I got word from the host, and they said the server is operational. I have all the information needed. Server will be up today, or as late as friday, depending on how fast we finish setting it up. Hopefully we can have the game up by tonight and the website up by tomorrow!

Things needed to be done:
Client editing
Server Setup
Some ingame problems with NPC's

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news! 6/22/11 Empty Delays, Delays, Delays

Post by Ninjette on Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:07 pm

Unexpected delay after unexpected delay has greatly pushed back our ETA for this server.
Right now we're waiting for our host to sort out internet explorer (so that I can install a much superior browser, Chrome), and we can start installing the programs needed to run the game.
At this point, we may not be able to begin transferring the game files to the new server until tomorrow morning. That's at a realistic, 'at the latest' estimate.

So yeah, hopefully tomorrow we can get this sucker up. In the mean time, I'll make us some clients so that will be taken care of.
We'll keep you updated.



news! 6/22/11 Dancerdark3copy

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