Rules & Consequences(MUST READ)

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Rules & Consequences(MUST READ) Empty Rules & Consequences(MUST READ)

Post by Envy on Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:58 pm

LEGAL: By Signing up for PartyStory, you are in no way affiliated with Nexon Corp.

1. Hackers Will Be Banned WITHOUT WARNING.
2. You Shall Respect All Staff.
3. You Shall Always Follow Orders.
4. You Shall Always Be Ready To help New Members.
5. You Shall NOT Ask for Power In-Game or On Xat.
6. Please Refrain From Cursing Excessively(We All Curse, But One In Every Sentence Is Not Appropriate.)
7. Follow All Directions if You Are To Post On Forums.
8. You Shall Not Advertise.
9. You Shall Not Spam.
10. All Map.wz Edits, Skill.wz Edits or Any .wz Edits Must Be Approved Before Use.
11. Donors May NOT Jail People, DC People Or Warp People Unless They Ask You To.
(Note on The Third One < If it Is Your Friend They Must Say They Are >)
(Note on Third, If They Are KSing You Please Have Proof Ready, and Be Ready To Justify Yourself To A DEV/GM/Intern.)
12. No Kill Stealing.
13. No Inflating Your Post Count, or Spamming Forums with Irrelevant Posts.
14. No Sharing Accounts
15. You shall not make .WZ Edits.
16. You shall not share SRB's
17. You may NOT delete forum posts.
18. Please do NOT make your IGN/Forum/XAT Name inappropriate, be mature.
Rules are Subject to Addition or Change. Ask Me For Further Details On Any Rules.
1. Self Explanatory.

2. Just Be Careful on What You Do.
Offence 1:Mute
Offence 2:Jail
Offence 3:Ban

3. Offence 1:Mute
Offence 2:Jail
Offence 3:Ban

4. No Consequence Really, Just Be Kind, If You Troll Them Its a Jail.

5. Ban.

6. Offence 1: 2 Minute Mute
Offence 2: 10 Minute Mute
Offence 3: 15 Minute Jail
Offence 4: 30 Minute Jail
Offence 5: Temporary Ban
Offence 6: Ban

7. Post Will Be Removed, If it is a GM Application It Will Be Denied For 1 Week.(Unless Stated Differently)

8. Ban

9. Offence 1: 5 Minute Mute
Offence 2: 10 Minute Mute
Offence 3: 15 Minute Mute
Offence 4: 30 Jail
Offence 5: Temp-Ban
Offence 6: Ban

10. Will Receive Warning. After 3 Warnings It's a Ban.

11. Offence 1: 1 Week Strip of Powers
Offence 2: Total Strip of Powers
(For Warping To Other Maps)
Offence 1: Donor Jail
Offence 2: 1 Week Strip of Powers
Offence 3: Total Strip of Powers

12. Offence 1: 5 Minute Jail
Offence 2: 10 Minute Jail
Offence 3: 15 Minute Jail
Offence 4: Temp-Ban
Offence 5: Ban

13. You Will Be Warned, If You Keep Going, You Will Be Banned From Forums.
(That Means You Can Not Apply For GM/Dev/CM.)

14. Ban.

15. Jail/ 2. Ban

16. 240 RBS per Ring are revoked, + the Ring.

17. Ban.

18. We will change the name, if forums You will be warned 3 Times, if Xat you will be kicked(offence 2 Banned For 1 HR)

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